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Welcome to CalNet Account Manager

  • Students, employees, affiliates and alumni: Log In to view and manage your CalNet account.

Manage Your CalNet Passphrase

Follow these simple steps to keep your passphrase secure and your CalNet account accessible:
  1. Review and update or add a Recovery Email Address.
  2. Change your Passphrase to meet the CalNet Passphrase Requirements. Do not reuse this passphrase for any other account!
  3. Sign up for a free LastPass Premium account to keep your passwords safe.

Can't Log In?

If you get "invalid credentials" when you try to log in, make sure you're using the correct login credentials:
  • Your CalNet ID is your user name and not your email address
  • Passphrases are case sensitive - make sure Caps Lock is off!

To reset your passphrase, visit Forgot My CalNet ID / Passphrase. Instructions can be found on our website.